Socialteer is a volunteer and participation oriented social network that functions as the online hub for people and organizations that are passionate about giving back to their community and making an impact to the world we live in. Its users are those who like to go out and make a difference and believe in doing it socially. Because volunteering and giving back with friends is more fun that doing it alone.

Socialteer leverages the power of successful social networking tools and applies them to the realm of volunteering and getting involved. But it's not just about matching volunteers with volunteering opportunities, it's about coming together to support causes that need out support.

Socialteer creates a community of individuals who care about changing the world and making it a better place. As you become more comfortable with using Socialteer, it will become part of the fabric of online tools you use on a daily basis like Instagram, Uber, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.

Socialteer provides a more targeted channel for non-profits and organizations looking to raise awareness and promotion for their causes. Great for all types of organizations  - Non-profits, Groups, Foundations, Colleges, Schools, Professional Sports Teams and Small and Large Businesses.

Let's make change happen for causes you care about. "It's always more FUN when you put SOCIAL in volunteering".



  • Create an account and select the Causes you care about (Pediatric Cancer, Autism, Hunger, Military Veterans, etc) and your Lifestyle Interests (Food, Gardening, Exercise and Fitness, Music, etc).
  • Socially connect with your online friends to see what volunteering activities they may be participating in and what organizations they are following.
  • Socialteer will make it easy for you to discover events/opportunities/projects you may enjoy based on your locale and the causes and lifestyle interests you self-select.
  • Share your experiences and connect with people that share a similar bond.
  • Post and share updates, comments, video clips and pictures with your friends before, during and after your activities and events.
  • Grow leadership skills by participating in and leading projects and volunteering at events.

Additional features available:

  • View events on a calendar, event reminders, set up your own organization, set up your own event, public news feeds, links to events social media pages, search events, customizable event alerts, follow organizations or events or friends, view organizations under a certain cause
Its easy - Set up an account, log on and find fun events you care about near you!


  • Socialteer is a fun and easy to use tool for connecting with individuals to promote events, opportunities, and projects.
  • Socialteer provides a dedicated channel to post events that you are sponsoring and gain participants in your events and followers to your organization or cause.
  • Socialteer provides the power to make it easier for individuals to find your activities and events by based on their self-reported philanthropic passions and lifestyle interests.
  • Host events and drive donations, registrations and awareness for your cause, organization or event.
  • Socialteer makes it easy to integrate and consolidate all of your social media components for your organization and for each event in one place.
  • Socialteer works to organize a dis-organized system of tools and channels to promote your events and programs and raise awareness, and ultimately funding, for your causes.
  • Gain access to several degrees of connections for each person that signs up for your event.
  • Connect with individuals who share similar passions with your organizations mission and causes and share events and updates.
  • Socialteer leverages the power of an individuals higher propensity to take action based on their interests and recommendations from their friends.
  • Promote flash events like the Ice Bucket Challenge, Devon Still Jersey sales for pediatric cancer.
  • Its proven - users who scroll newsfeeds increase their engagement.

Additional features available:

  • Connect users directly to your online registration pages, View events on a calendar, post and share updates, comments, video clips and pictures with your followers, view reports/statistics for you events, link your Socialteer organization page and event pages to your website, your facebook page, your twitter account, pinterest and more

Get started in 3 quick and easy steps:

  1. Create an individual account.
  2. Create an organization profile.
  3. Create your event.

Its that easy. Give it a try!