How it Works - Organization

Set up an Individual account/profile

  • Create an account
  • Tell us about interests and causes you‘re passionate about
  • Takes five minutes

Create your Organization‘s Account Profile

  • Tell everyone about your organization (again 5 minutes)
  • Create a single “hub” - connect all of your organization‘s online social tools in one place
  • Use “Find us on Socialteer” button on your organization website
  • View Calendar of your organization‘s events

Enter events and volunteer opportunities

  • Create events with Photos, videos, and important details
  • Simple event registration user experience
  • Ability to follow you and make donations if the event is full
  • Events include a thumbnail of your organization
  • Create a single “hub” for all of the event’s online social tools in one place
  • Use “Find us on Socialteer” button on your event’s website

Connect, Share, Raise Awareness and Promote

  • Discover people in the network who share your passions
  • Share events with people who “follow you”
  • Promote your event thought text, photo and video news feed updates leading up to, during and after the event
  • Connect with other organizations in the Socialteer “community”

Discover and Manage

  • Interact with individuals interested in your organization,causes and types of events
  • Regularly update events through a simple interface
  • View Metrics on Socialteer user participation in your events